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Hosted by George Miller... Author of
The Uncommon Lector, Catholic Lector 
from the Inside-Out  and God Is My CFO

Learning, Savoring and Living God's Word


 YOUR FINAL APPROACH... A Retirees' Workshop for Piloting the Twilight Stages of Your Life, with God by Your Helm

As you approach your sixties, seventies or even eighties, you have amazing opportunities to turbocharge yourself into the homestretch of your life… to showcase your God-given gifts, proclaim your uniqueness and kick-start your journey toward true joy, peace and fulfillment from here to God’s nineteenth hole.

This workshop will inspire you to pursue and finish your life journey happily, worn out, beaten and bloody, and slide into your pinebox or urn head-first with pride and a sense of self-worth and achievement… and knowing that our almighty creator will welcome you into his heavenly fold with a loving “well done, faithful servant.”
This is not just another “Kick Back, Be Happy” retirement pep talk? It’s about giving you substantial solutions to questions such as…
  • Are you beginning to feel less significant in a youth-dominated culture.
  • Have you been taking mediocre unfulfilling jobs just for something to do?
  • If you're retired and volunteering, are people grabbing from all ends to do this and that?
  • Are you beginning to lose your sense of self-worth?
  • Are you still clinging to your old pre-retirement line of work or profession on a semi-retirement basis because it’s comfortable for you?
  • Are you just going along day to day without much purpose?
  • Have you reached points of frustration in trying to decide what to do with your life?
  • Have your dreams of the past drifted further into the distance?
  • Do you still have music to play?
  • Do you ever think about how much you'd regret not doing something while you still have time?
                                                    … and many more concerns and curiosities?
The missing part of most “Retire Happy” Pep Talks

Do an online search with the word “Retirement” and you’ll find mounds of expert answers and solutions about living the good life on the same ol’ surface pleasures… golf, bingo, traveling, get a tattoo, skydive, climb Mt. Everest, live in Costa Rica for half-price and loads of other bucket dreams that never really fill the bill for true joy, peace and fulfillment.
So what’s the missing ingredient? God, of course!
There’s no such thing as retiring from serving God, though many of us opt to do just that.  Pope John Paul once said, It is wonderful to be able to give oneself to the very end for the sake of the Kingdom of God!
And Christ, when he finished washing his disciples’ feet, said, I have given you a model to follow, so that as I have done for you, you should also do. (John 13:15)
We are never too old to model our actions after our Savior Jesus Christ. And this session will help you make a plan, pull out all the stops and create a new structure for yourself.  

We've all been given a unique individual voice from God in which to serve others. God values us and wants us to do meaningful things for him. We are created in his image and despite what our age may be, we still have much value.
So may we all press forward into the final stage of our lives and reinvent ourselves into renewed significance.
To book a complimentary 30-minute segment of this half-day or evening workshop, Contact Us with “Workshop” in the message block.  Availability for this session begins in June 2019. 
George's financial expertise and strong writing skills were an asset to our company. He  is able to present complex financial subjects in a lively, entertaining ​and informative manner... ​​Don Philpott, President, Mediawise Communications U.S., Inc.

Thank you George, for your excellent financial presentation at our annual meeting in Palm Beach. Your evaluations were very good. I hope you will let me call upon you again for another presentation at one of my other medical groups."
Shelburn Wilkes, Wilkes Mgmt Associates

​​​​​​Mr. Miller, your presentation on maximizing retirement income was well prepared. We are most thankful for your taking time to join us and share your thoughts... 
Chevron Retirees Association