W ords Parishioners Applaud, Support and Act On

Hosted by George Miller
  Corporate Writer/Consultant  
Author of The Catholic Lector, The Uncommon Lector and
God Is My CFO

Speaking Topics

George Miller conducts seminars and workshops for faith-based groups on the topics listed below. For more information or to schedule a date for your group, please contact us.    

GOD IS MY CFO... How to Save, Invest, Oversee and
Protect Your Money with the Help of God's Wisdom 
In today's clouded financial world, we can't afford to rely on the opinions of worldly experts alone. There's a lot of poor advice out there that can tempt us to spend more, save less, invest poorly and put our financial futures in jeopardy.

This insightful session will help attendees avoid the bad advice, embrace the good, tap the well of God's wisdom and welcome him in as our money coach on a new path toward financial contentment. Click here for a printable outline. 

Joyful Living by Joyful Giving
If you want to encourage more of your parishioners to help make your parish all it can be, this is the seminar to encourage and ignite them. No longer will they look at giving their time, talents and treasure to your church as obligations... but as opportunities to strengthen it and pave new paths toward its future.
In our Mass readings, we see the greatest examples of joyful giving from the Macedonians. Their attitude was "get to" give... not "got-to" give. And that same attitude can be stirred today by your church. For a detailed description and outline of this seminar, contact us.
SHARKS & DOLPHINS... How to Find the Right Financial Advisor in a Sea of Many Species
Finding the right financial advisor can be the most rewarding hard work, and the most destructive easy work.  Advisors vary by their investing philosophies, bias toward certain products, compensation, types of clients they serve, their menu of services and much more. 
This seminar gives insights for selecting a trusted financial advisor who's sensitive to your values and beliefs, personal goals, risk tolerance and overall financial condition. Even if you already have an advisor, you'll learn how to improve your current relationship or find a more suitable advisor elsewhere if needed. For a description and outline of this seminar, contact us.

Catholic Lector... from the Inside-Out 

An enriching session tailored to your church's needs and lectors' experience. Your lectors will gain fresh insights and inspiration to help them be the best proclaimers of God's word that they've been called to be. 

They'll find ways to break through the baggage and preoccupations people bring with them to church, help them be more attentive to the readings, and raise their thirst to hear more of God's word every Sunday... plus excerpts from some of the church's top leaders to help them better appreciate what they can really  accomplish. Click Here for a printable outline.