W ords Parishioners Applaud, Support and Act On

Hosted by George Miller
  Corporate Writer/Consultant  
Author of The Catholic Lector, The Uncommon Lector and
God Is My CFO

About Stewardship... the Treasure Part

If you're a fundraising professional, or church staffer in charge of your next fundraiser,  the words your donors trust and respond to will come easier when you work with me as your copywriter. 
Words that...

  • give your donors a clear vision of how, when and where their money is being used, and figuratively put them right alongside those who receive their gifts.

  • make your donors the hero by giving them clear and specific pictures of how their loving hands are reaching those in need of their help.
  • value and respect your donors, and cultivate a common vision of working together for your cause.

It's language I practiced as a financial advisor and lead copywriter for several financial firms... language tuned to discerning donors and supporters, free of the same ol' "here we go again" podium, phone, online and direct mail pitches.
From the desk, the street, kitchen tables and boardrooms, I’ve observed responses of financial clients to words they both trust and shun... copy and content writer training from years of face-to-face time never possible from a writer’s desk alone. 
I'm also personally part of the most money-cautious segment of our  population... the baby-boomers constantly challenged with balancing their retirement income and asset protection strategies with their financial legacy goals.

So when I write to your supporters and donors about their money, I also write to me, and you won't find a more critical editor of money-raising solicitations.
My thirty-plus years of professional sales experience with high-net worth investors, "Joe the Plumber" clients and everyone between, can help guide your prospective supporters and donors through your fund raising process comfortably and in a trusting and response-producing frame of mind.

Need some fresh approaches to your prospective and existing donor/supporter base?

Contact me, George Miller, and let's talk.

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