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Author of The Catholic Lector, The Uncommon Lector and
God Is My CFO

Blog Writing Services
As your blog writer, my goal is to be an authentic extension of your voice, your brand and your value proposition to your audiences . And to do this well, I need to know all about you and your blogging objectives. See my Questions for You

I write original blog articles under your name, And when needed, you can inject your own revisions, spin, tweaks and finishing touches.

If your blog is established, I'd want to step right in, hit the ground running and maintain or increase its appeal to your readers that you've already built.

If you're just starting to blog, I can help you out of the gate with meaningful posts to give your readers value, and encourage them to follow you regularly.
What I'm Not...
I write evergreen articles... timeless, educational and insightful posts unrelated to day-to-day news and events. So if you need to be commenting on weekly or daily "newsy" happenings, I'm not your guy.
​You can view a variety of sample blog posts here ... and i f my style is compatible with yours, contact me and let's talk about how I can help you make your blog a stronger part of your marketing mix.​
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